Top Ten Lists: Teaching Grade 1

The 10 best things about teaching Grade 1:

  1.  Teaching and learning at its purest form.  What do they know?  What do they need?  How do I get them there?
  2. Such amazing growth in learning — you can watch the child blossom right before your eyes.  “Can I read this to you?”

    Reader’s Theatre

  3. They love science and learning about how the world works.
  4. Opening up the world of reading to a child.
  5. Collaborating with other early primary teachers:  awesome people.
  6. What we do makes a difference in a child’s life.  Isn’t this why we became teachers?
  7. Almost anything will be greeted with enthusiasm if you approach it the right way:  “Today we get to go outside and help clean up the school grounds!”  “Yay!!”
  8. The kids still love school and their teachers.
  9. You can sing and dance without worrying about how well you do it.
  10. You can celebrate special occasions with all the enthusiasm of childhood.

The 10 worst things about teaching Grade 1:

  1. They haven’t mastered tying up their shoes efficiently.
  2. Winter clothing: boots, zippers, gloves, and where is it?
  3. Hundreds of specific little Prescribed Learning Outcomes.  Just let us concentrate on the important things:  literacy, mathematics, social skills.
  4. You can’t give them written directions.
  5. Sometime during the year, they need to learn how to read = enormous responsibility.
  6. Desk and supplies management and the vanishing glue syndrome.
  7. Pencil sharpening.  Enough said.
  8. Cloakroom organization or “Someone stole my shoes!”
  9.  The interruption, or “You mean you won’t stop talking to the class to take care of my problem?”
  10. Tattle tales
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